Period: 2018. 10. 01. - 2019. 04. 30.


We are waiting the lovers of sauna seances at the following times:

TUESDAY: 4PM, 5.15PM and 6.15PM
THURSDAY: 4PM, 5.15PM and 6.15PM
SATURDAY: 11AM, 2.30 PM, 3.30PM and 5PM
SUNDAY: 11AM, 3PM, 4PM and 5PM

The seance need pre-registration at the reception of the Spa. Participating in a suana seance requires to buy the 1000 HUF unlimited, daily sauna ticket plus the Sauna seance occasionally 500 HUF ticket. 15 people can be participated on a seance.

The sauna master is inside the cabin with the quests during every single sauna seance, they will gradually heat up the cabin by pouring aromatic liquid into the heater, by doing so they will ensure the acclimatisation of the guests. They try to create a personalised ventilation, they will stir the hot air with the help of a sauna flag and a towel.

A session usually lasts for maximum 12-15 minutes, but anyone can leave the cabin if they feel it was enough for them. After the sauna session, cooling down, resting and relaxation follow.

In addition to this the sauna master tries to answer every question about the use of the saunas, supervises the sauna facility and makes sure that every guest complies with the proper and hygienic rule of using the sauna.


Lenti Thermal Spa and

St. Georg Energy Park

H-8960 Lenti, Táncsics M. u. 2/a

Tel.: +36 (92) 351 320


Open: every day 09:00 - 20:00



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