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The therapeutic area of our spa is located in the 3 500 m2 indoor spa area, near the thermal baths. 40 000 years old medicinal water with sodium hydrogen carbonate provides for the waters of Lenti Thermal Spa; the medicinal water is suitable for treatments of musculoskeletal problems, spine (neck, back, waist), lumbago, joint diseases (shoulders, elbows, arms, hips, knees, ankles) and inflammatory and obstructive disorders. The medicinal thermal water is also good for cure-like therapeutic treatments, for which a medical examination is required to be taken beforehand.

Our Spa is not recommended for you if you have heart rhythm disturbance (cardiac arrhythmia) or you have had heart attack recently (within 3 months) or you are suffering from hypertension, sclerosis multiplex or advanced liver or kidney diseases. Lenti Thermal Spa is also not recommended for people with fever or for infectious patients.

the following medical cure and we recommend it to you:

Type Day Price
Cure for people back and waist pains 5 day cure from 45.000 Huf
cures for people suffering from joint illness 5 day cure from 45.000 Huf
treatment types:healing massage, underwater water-jet massage, underwater gymnasticsMagnetoterápia)


Interesting things for those wishing to use the Spa:

15 times, twice a year

Many people may not even know that everyone is entitled to use a 15-day treatment, twice a year, in justified cases. This does not mean that “We can bathe for free!” but having a great discount (up to 70-80%) from the spa services. Spa vouchers can be required in case of rheumatological or orthopaedic problems, it can also be prescribed for gynaecological problems, or even as prevention for those who work at a desk all day.

Only on specialist’s prescription

Spa vouchers can only be issued by a rheumatologist, or within a medical consultation with a rheumatologist specialist working in the Spa. The general practitioner (family doctor) gives referral to them, and they, based on an examination, are making their decision on what kind of therapy is needed and to be prescribed for the patients from the ones available in the spas. Not only the thermal pools but the medical services of spas can be used with the spa voucher as well. For example, we can use the thermal water filled pools and swimming pools, we can make use of the medicinal weight bath, the carbonic tub bath, the water jet massage, the healing mud treatment or the medical massage. 4 of these can be prescribed at a time.

It can be used for 56 days

Spa voucher is for 15 occasions, which must be completed within 56 days by appointments given by the Spa and in accordance with our schedule. However, it is important to keep in mind that the general practitioner’s proposal alone is not enough, we have to go to a specialist’s consultation because medical treatments and services available under health insurance can only be prescribed by a specialist. Health and social insurance supported medical treatments and services can be provided by medical rehabilitation and health service provider, in a medicinal spa and in a non-spa public bath. In order to inform patients in an up-to-date manner, information on the medical treatment and service providers and any changes thereof are published on the website of the National Health Insurance Fund.

TIP: You can find those baths of Hungary easily where a medical referral can be requested for by using our spa search engine.





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