New Adventure Baths

In the New – indoor – Adventure Baths all ages can find relaxation to their liking. The sea lighthouse standing in the centre of the adventure pool and the incoming lights make us forget that we are not under the open sky. An adventure pool with slide waits for the eternal youngsters with adventure and game items, giant and child-slides, and there is a paddling pool for small children, as well. In addition, a hot water pool provides pleasant relaxation with massage beds, water jets, neck showers and bubbly seats. Everybody can enjoy the new adventure baths, whether it is about spending calm moments or self-indulgent bathing. As long as the little ones are on the slides or having fun in the children’s pool, the older ones can relax in the adventure pool or in the Jacuzzi.




Lenti Thermal Spa and

St. Georg Energy Park

H-8960 Lenti, Táncsics M. u. 2/a

Tel.: +36 (92) 351 320


Open: every day 09:00 - 20:00



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