Medical bath

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The determinate factor of Lenti bath is the medicinal water. The 3500 sqaure meter roofed bath is the ideal place for healing, rehabilitation and health preservation. Supporting the total vitality 4 different pools an half roofed pools and a huge relaxing area both.


Swimming pool26-28°C

Medicinal pool36-38°C

Hydromassage pool36-38°C

Teaching swimming pool32-34°C

Children's paddling-pool33°C

Medical bath

Relaxation in our medicinal pools which filled with Lenti healer water is ambassadors of complete relaxation. The minerals of water work on positive effects on the different body parts, muscle pains and mobility-impairment get better and support the basic metabolic processes. A pampering medicinal bath cure, after a short time improve physical and mental health and condition. The recommended bath time in the medicinal pools is 20 minutes, which can be repeat. Under 14 years not recommended.

Pools of medicinal bath

Water depth Water surface Adventure element
Swimming pool 2,00 m 450 m2 5 zones
Medicinal pool 1,10 m 50 m2 -
Hydromassage pool 1,15 m 144 m2 Hydromassage neck shower
Teaching swimming pool 1,05 m 88 m2 -
Children's paddling-pool 0,10-0,30 m 12 m2 Fountain
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