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Our medical bath offers the perfect relax with 5 outdoor pools, 7 indoor pools and an half covered pool in the whole year. The spa has 4 different sections - medical bath, adventure bath, open-air spa and sauna world. In the repertoire can be find swimming and adventure pool, baby- child pool and medical- hydromassage pool both. Besides the pools, there are a relaxing area and a sauna world, which support the perfect recreation.

Medical bath

Our pools with medical water of Lenti is 40.000 years old and the main element of the water is natrium-hydrogen carbonate, which has positive effect for several health complaints.

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Adventure bath

The adventure bath is ideal choose for every age, the eternal youngsters can try out the slide and adventure pool, but we thought for the relaxing moments too, there are a hot tub and warm adventure pool both.

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Open-air spa

The Open-air Spa is located on a huge area of 8 hectares, surrounded by shady trees. From May until September available 5 different pools among others the beach pool with 1340 m2 water surface.

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Lenti Termálfürdő és
Szent György Energiapark

8960 Lenti, Táncsics M. u. 2/a

Phone: +36 (92) 351 320


Open: Every day 09.00 - 19.00