Saint George Energypark

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The real curiosity within Lenti Thermal Spa is Saint George Energy Park. The park lies at the meeting point of such energy lines with beneficial effects that make our Thermal Spa unique in Europe. While staying at us, take a walk in our Energy Park and let yourself be pampered by its beneficial effects! The climate of the region, the medicinal waters of our Spa and the special energy of this place help the relaxation, the replenishment and the physical and spiritual renewal so much.

The so-called Saint George lines (that type of earth radiations) were called ‘dragon streams’ in oriental cultures and sites with such radiations were revered as sacred places. Earth radiations were discovered in the territory of Lenti Thermal Spa in 2002, and there are more crossing points in this area, too, which all are parts of the Earth’s energy network. According to non-medical practitioners of bio energy, each and every illness is a consequence of an energy-defective state. Radiations in the Energy Park can restore these energy-defective states.

The energy radiation here harmonizes the flow of energy throughout our bodies and triggers positive processes that can restore the physical and mental balance. You should spend 1-2 hours at a time in Saint George Energy Park, where the paved parts show the directions of the Saint George lines; in addition, ‘columns’ or ‘posts’ indicate the meeting points of the lines, Earth radiations are the most powerful at those points. It is recommended to spend up to 20-30 minutes at these meeting points. This period of time can be combined with relaxation, a short walk or some exercises.

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Lenti Termálfürdő és
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