The process of the oxygen therapy

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Medical examination

Before the treatment, patients always undergo a medical examination to determine their suitability for therapy.

Things to do before the treatment

Due to the temperature difference, layered clothing is recommended. The use of a leg bag is necessary to avoid contaminated air entering the chamber and being breathed in during air compression. It is advisable to eat before the treatment, especially for patients sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. Books, newspapers and fluids may be brought to the treatment.

The treatment

Oxygen therapy treatments are always carried out under the guidance of qualified staff. Under professional supervision, our staff can respond immediately to any questions or problems that may arise. The treatment is carried out safely and in compliance with regulations by a qualified chamber technician, who monitors the chamber events via a camera.

For the duration of the treatment, patients are given a breathing mask. Afterwards, they can enjoy the treatment in comfortable armchairs. The treatment starts with a slow increase in pressure while patients hear a buzzing sound. The change in pressure is only a sound effect and is not physically felt. The process is also accompanied by a warming of the air.
The therapeutic pressure is reached in 15 minutes, at which point the oxygen breathing itself begins. Patients, with the help of qualified treatment staff, put on the oxygen mask they have previously received and breathe in 100% pure oxygen. In all cases, the oxygen is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Instructions on breathing are given by the attending staff at all times.

Patients are not isolated from the outside world during the treatment, and if a problem or complaint arises, a specialist will arrive at the chamber via the personnel airlock within a short time. At the end of the therapy period, the pressure starts to slowly decrease, accompanied by a similar buzzing sound and the temperature also starts to decrease. The pressure is reduced gradually, with stops in between.

After the treatment

After the treatment, normal daily routine can be resumed, mild drowsiness can be observed occasionally.

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